With us, learning a new language is a fun experience

Learning a new language can be complex. It involves reading, writing, listening and speaking. In turn, this gets linked to vocabulary words, grammar and pronunciation rules. The learning process is even harder when you get a bit older.

You may be limited by time, and as such find it difficult to fit regular lessons into your schedule. With so many things to do, it's possible to be easily distracted. Too busy to fit classes in? Worry not! LanguagePro offers a dependable learning tool that will integrate seamlessly into your schedule. There's also that hefty price tag that may come with other courses. We offer a very reasonable single monthly fee, with no additional charges. So you can focus on what matters most!

Our adaptive machine learning software is custom-made for you...

We can easily detect your learning strengths and weaknesses. For instance, you may be good in learning through image quizzes but poor when it comes to understanding adjectives. As such, our algorithm will be able to adjust your feature lessons by focusing on your strengths, in this case, quizzes. Also, to ensure that the system works right for your needs you are welcome to run a trial period and cancel if you're not 100% satisfied.

Easy to start

To start, you simply need to pick the language you desire to learn, fill in your information and you're ready to go.

Learning at your pace

We offer our clients a wide selection of languages. If you have other preferences, we're continually incorporating more. Just email us, and we'll definitely consider implementing your suggestions.

Grading and profiling

We use a complex grading system to assess your performance. Our algorithm ensures that it caters for all our clients' needs.