A bespoke learning system

Individuals have different scopes of learning abilities- what might work for others might not necessarily work for you.

Here at LanguagePro, we've identified this significant factor of learning and embraced it. We've developed software that can alter ones learning experience by past results.

What does this mean for you?

Let's say you perform exceptionally well on image quizzes that have animals and very poorly on text quizzes having adjectives... Our software will detect this learning pattern and adjust all future queries by that experience. It'll enable you to slowly bridge the gap between understanding and knowledge by providing you with questions that merge animal images with adjectives. Our software has a state of the art algorithmic program that caters to your learning needs.

Learn it right

We pride ourselves in offering intuitive learning techniques for our clients. Our methods have been developed in partnership with renown teachers that have years of experience in the field.

LanguagePro provides a blend of fun and simplicity whilst you learn the basics of new languages online. You simply need to pick the language you're interested in to get started. Throughout learning, you'll earn points for your correct answers whilst running against the clock. As you progress you'll level up to higher rankings.

Our bite-sized lessons are highly effective in improving your learning capabilities. If you prefer virtual learning, LanguagePro makes learning natural and exciting. We've incorporated tools that will assist you in remembering images, phrases and words. Join us at LanguagePro today and begin your language journey in just a few minutes.

Easy and fun

LanguagePro ensures that your learning experience is easy and fun.

Easy to start

To start, you simply need to pick the language you desire to learn, fill in your information and you're ready to go.

Learning at your pace

We offer our clients a wide selection of languages. If you have other preferences, we're continually incorporating more. Just email us, and we'll definitely consider implementing your suggestions.

Grading and profiling

We use a complex grading system to assess your performance. Our algorithm ensures that it caters for all our clients' needs.


We offer a very competitive pricing model that makes learning a new language fun and affordable.

2 € / 3 Day Trial

Then 39 € / Month
Pro Package
  • All Our Languages Available
  • Pro Learning Methods
  • Dedicated Tutor
  • Pro Live Support
  • Advanced Learning Algorithms

Convinced? Start your language journey now...